A Homegrown Heritage Day – Giveaway

In celebration of Heritage day this month I am very excited to reveal that I am working with a homegrown business, Yummie Brands. Started by fellow foodie Samuel Gumbie with a passion for all things spicy. Samuel got to work on his passion project/side hustle before the pandemic hit. Experimenting whenever he could to perfect the ultimate winning recipe. What came of it? The hugely successful ‘I Like It’ chilli sauce range. With four variations in the range, I Like It Very Hot, I Like It Hot, I Like it Mild and I Like It Very Mild (being the best seller at the moment). According to Samuel they have plans to expand on these four variations to 20 over the next 5 years. 

I grew up eating very spicy foods much to my dismay. However I found as my palate and of course myself matured I picked up a liking and appreciation for spicy foods, sauces and pickled vegetables like Atchar, which if you ask anyone I know they will tell you how much I love the stuff! On this note, the I Like It Mild and the I Like It Very Mild reminds me of a good homemade atchar. I love the hints of garlic and acidity! With this in mind I thought what better way to experience the ‘I Like It’ range than to incorporate it into a dish. 

Pictured here is my chilli sauce infused butter to be smothered over piping hot sweetcorn or what we call it in S.A, ‘mielies’. I also used the I Like it Mild to marinate Angus steaks to be paired with the mielies and a delicious full bodied wine the 2020 Kumusha Cabernet Sauvignon & Cinsault by Tinashe Nyamudoka. Another passionate son of the soil, Tinashe crafts award-winning wines and hits it out of the park every single time! So it is only fitting for me to pair these two brands together for the perfect Heritage day feast. With that said, starting this month going forward I will be posting once a week on tips and tricks on pairing Yummie Brand’s chilli sauce with wine, recipes using the ‘I Like It’ range and even a few giveaways here and there. Sounds exciting right?! 

With Heritage day on the 24 September, Yummie Brands will be giving away a tantalising spicy hamper. All you have to do is follow both Yummie Brands and myself on Instagram and Facebook, comment on this blog post or the Instagram or Facebook post by tagging a friend (1 tag = 1 entry) and tell us how you would pair your ‘I like it’ chilli sauce and Kumusha wine. Easy peasy!

I am so excited to start this journey with Samuel and his talented team. I look forward to sharing my posts with you all soon. 

Happy Heritage Day lovelies! 

Take care and keep safe. 

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