Top 5 things to do in Lamberts Bay this Festive Season.

It’s that time of year again, all the pushing and shoving and craziness in stores. If you’re feeling end of year burn out like most of us are this time of year, why not give yourself a well deserved break from all of the hustle and bustle of city life and get some emergency R&R with your loved ones in the coastal sleepy town of Lamberts Bay. With that said here’s a list of all to see, do and taste in Lambert’s Bay:

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Die Plaaskombuis 

Enjoy traditional country food (boerekos), seafood, farm breakfasts in a restored farm house more than a century old. It is situated on the scenic farm Steenbokfontein, 9km south of town. Be sure to make a booking first. If you’re lucky enough Tannie Kitta will show you around all the relics in the restaurant accompanied with all the fascinating true stories of the history in the area and how her family came to be in the area. For those wanting to stay a little longer On site are also self-catering cottages on the Steenbokfontein sea farm to enjoy a little R&R by the sea.

Lambert’s Bay Harbour and beach front

Take a leisurely stroll along the harbour and beach. Watch the local fisherman come in with their catch of the day and clean them right on the harbour docks to sell fresh to suppliers through app, Abalobi or private sales.

Walking Tour

Put your walking shoes and learning cap on. Starting at the oldest seaside factory and all throughout the town stopping at local landmarks.

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High Tide Restaurant

At the helm of this gem is a Cordon Bleu trained chef. Besides her warm reception, along with that of the staff, Chef Bertina Engelbrecht’s food is seasonal, fresh and inspiring. Being a oenophile, I gladly stopped by the quaint tasting room next door to purchase some of the deliciously crisp Teubes wines that was served in the restaurant. I absolutely couldn’t go all the way home without a little bit of Lamberts Bay in a bottle. I plan to pair my wines with a dish, coming soon to the blog! We were also treated to a professional food and wine pairing. Which reminded me of WSET Level 1. Knowing how salt, umami, sweet and bitter affects wine is life changing and incredibly fascinating.

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Visit the Sandveld Museum

The museum houses 15 different exhibits, “Old” Lambert’s Bay, HMS Sybille Gunboat which ran aground in 1901, Photograph collection, Fish industry and fishing community, Book & Bible collection, Archaeological display, Horsemill and Farm implements and Clothes and embroidery from bygone days.

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Lamberts Bay has so much coastal charm and I love how locals are always welcoming you with a smile. Certainly worth the drive out of Cape Town, but I would advise to stay a little longer, the tranquility is infectious!


*Information supplied by Lamberts Bay Tourism and West Coast Way**







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