Things I Would Miss Most about S.A

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I always wonder what it would be like having to relocate abroad particularly to London, leaving my whole life behind everything that has shaped me as proud South African to join a whole new culture and city two worlds apart from what I am used to.

A little late, but in lieu of Tourism month I list some of the quintessential South African things I would miss most when moving abroad. Why London you may ask? Footie, Fashion week and an array of world renowned Michelin starred eateries. The only problem I would be saddled with is missing all my South African favourites such as:

Koesister Sunday

Every Sunday without fail, most Capetonians tend to indulge in a tradition that extends not only to our childhood but which was passed down from our grandparents and their parents to have a hot cuppa with a warm, sweet and spicy Koesister. There will never be a doughnut that can be compared to this legendary Cape Malay treat.

A Proper Braai

Nothing beats throwing a lamb chop on the braai accompanied by those age old favourite sides, like chakalaka and pap, potato salad, and that one kudos winning curried pasta and cubed cheese salad that every cool aunty knows how to make is a sure fire winner!

Nik NaksThings I would miss most from S.A 004

The perfectly cheesy maize snack has come a long way with me, as a child I would eat this as is or better yet with freshly baked warm white bread just sliced using the bread slicing machine inside of the local corner shop (yes, I am that old).

Mrs. Balls Chutney and Aromat

Many will claim that using this fruity condiment and that unmistakably delicious umami seasoning was to make a childhood food more edible. This brings back some memories of my mom making beef mince curry with plenty of over cooked frozen peas in, of which I hated (sorry mom) but chucking a bit of chutney over it all, always made it go down a little easier together with a swig of diluted syrup cool-drink.

Biltong and Pinotage

Things I would miss most from S.A 001

Both born and bred quintessential South African snacks. I cannot imagine my life without either!

Rooibos tea and sour fig jamThings I would miss most from S.A 018

Rooibos tea is definitely something the British won’t enjoy or have much of over there as much as their prized English Breakfast or Earl Grey tea. The taste but mostly the antioxidants one benefits from it is what I love most. Sour fig jam, or Suurvy konfyt as some of us might know it as, is another one of those childhood treats I always looked forward to when the season came along, there would always be road-side stalls selling bucket loads of the sour figs or jars full of their own homemade jam made with this tart indigenous fruit.

Cape Town

Groot Constantia 022Well obviously! Many of us take for granted that we are just a few minutes away from the one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Table Mountain! And who wouldn’t miss our beautiful sparkling blue beaches. One of my absolute favourite things to do on a day off or simply for work, is to go wine tasting in the picturesque Winelands or Constantia Valley. South Africa has so many world class wines to offer and what I love most is we’re just a few minutes away from all of this!

Groot Constantia - interviews 2 172
Wine tasting at Groot Constantia

How I would love to experience London, but home is certainly where the heart is!

Let me know on Twitter or my Instagram post about what you will miss most about South Africa should you move abroad.

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