Grapefruit Caipirinha 

Lately, things have been picking up for me and starting to get incredibly busy as you can tell by the lack of posts 😦 I am the worst when it comes to management of time and because of that important things/people in my life tend to suffer because of that. A little recap, I’ve just returned from my very first international trip abroad to Kenya for training and meeting our team for Cookpad Africa, and what an amazing experience that was! I hope to share my food experience here soon! 

 Two days ago, I was notified that Off Beet Blog was selected as one of the Feedspot Top 50 Food Photography Blogs in the world! Coming in at a humble 43rd spot, I am incredibly grateful to each and everyone of you  for the unwaivering support  and for taking the time to peruse my posts sometimes feel inspired by my photos. This is such an honour for me! Congratulations to all of the winners! 

This post I created a weeks back, the Caipirinha idea came from my mom, as she had been to Brazil and of course came back with a bottle or two of Cachaca. I decided to add my own twist to the traditional recipe. By making two respective simple syrups infused with chili and the other with grapefruit. 

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