Affogato and chocolate muffins with a coffee sugar

This is another amazing recipe from Delicious Australia, and was said that it was inspired by a three ingredient dessert bread recipe by the revered Matt Preston. He is someone I look up to, aspiring to be as great a food writer as he is, with so many of the greats like the late A.A Gill being the ultimate food writer for me. 
This recipe can also be found in the latest issue of delicious Australia. Do yourself a favour, subscribe to their magazine. It’s like Christmas every single month, for me there’s nothing better than being gifted premium food articles and aspirational food writing and of course mouth watering food photography that visually inspires me to recreate those spectacular shots.

I added my own little twist to the recipe with the addition of dark chocolate and coffee liqueur. My sister and her soon to be husband gifted my partner and I a bottle of locally produced Beaver creek  coffee liqueur that I cracked open and used in the batter for that extra kick of coffee.

Affogato and chocolate muffins in a coffee sugar: 


300g self-raising flour, sifted

750ml vanilla ice cream, softened

165ml canola/sunflower oil 

1 free-range egg, lightly beaten 

150g caster sugar 

3 teaspoons of instant coffee granules, crushed

2 tablespoons of coffee liqueur 

100g dark chocolate, roughly chopped. 

Preheat oven to 180 degrees C. 

Sift the self-raising flour in a large bowl. In a separate bowl, whisk together the softened ice cream, egg and oil till combined. Add this to the flour and fold gently till just incorporated. Add the coffee liqueur and chopped chocolate and gently fold again to combine slightly. Pour into a muffin tray and bake for 20 minutes until a skewer inserted comes out clean. To make the coffee sugar coating, lightly crush the coffee granules in a pestle and mortar and add to the caster sugar, and taking each muffin and dipping into the sugar mix until coated on the top and/or sides if you will. Serve with your favourite espresso or coffee liqueur. 

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