Roasted Sunbutter with chocolate. 

I seem to have a healthy(excuse the pun) obsession with nut/seed butters these days. I could spread this luxurious paste on anything, from toast to dipping fruit into the nut/seed butter for a quick healthy snack option. This week I spotted a special on the sunflower seeds at my local supermarket and decided that I would experiment and make my very own homemade Sunbutter in my NutriBullet. I normally don’t have leftover chocolate, I think I might have forgotten about it and probably stashed it away for a rainy day… So with Sunbutter in mind I decided to use the leftover chocolate to give it a more dreamy luxurious feel.

This recipe is modeled off of a general guideline to make nut butter. 
Roasted Sunbutter with a hint of chocolate. 
250g of Sunflower seeds

2 x Tablespoons of coconut oil 

Two tablespoons of cocoa powder or four blocks of 70% dark Lindt Chocolate

Pinch of salt 

Two tablespoons of honey 
Place the seeds on a baking tray with parchment on and roast in a preheated oven(180 degrees C) for 10-15 minutes(watch it carefully as you don’t want the seeds to burn) set aside to cool. 

Once the sunflower seeds are completely cooled down, in a large NutriBullet cup, add only the seeds and blitz till the oils of the seeds are extracted and the grainy texture becomes oily and comes together, blitz every 30 seconds then scrape down the cup with a spoon. Once an almost paste like consistency is obtained, add the salt and coconut oil. Blitz for a further 30 seconds until a smooth consistency is achieved. Add the honey and melted chocolate/cocoa powder and blitz again for another 30 seconds. 

Serve on toast, with fruit on the side or seed crackers. 
*the melted chocolate I heated up the microwave with 10 second blasts in between and add a little milk in at the end to make the mixture runny. 
There are so many things you can do with nut/seed butters. I am an avid smoothie drinker and maker, so it’s only natural that I add some of the Sunbutter to a smoothie. I made a Banana, Whey protein, honey, coconut milk and Sunbutter power up smoothie. Just add all the ingredients to the cup and blitz, easy as that! For best results, freeze banana slices, this will give your smoothie a smooth and creamy texture whilst keeping the smoothie really cold too. 
If you own a NutriBullet and love the nifty little gadget as much as I do, then please share some other ways you best utilize yours. 
Dominique x 

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