Corn flakes cereal milk ice cream

a melting Corn Flakes Cereal milk ice cream

For the first 10 years of my life, being the youngest gave me that prized golden first choice of choosing the cereal for the month when we went grocery shopping. My favourites alternated between, Cocopops, Rice Crispies and Corn flakes, whatever I chose my sister had to suck it up and eat. This all changed when I became the ‘middle child’ and my preferences as the youngest fell away. So as an ode to my glory days when I used to antagonize my older sister and reign supreme as the youngest. So in that spirit I recreated a Christina Tosi dessert with cereal milk being front and centre! Christina Tosi is the chef and founder of Milk Bar, many of you will know her from Dave Chang’s Momofuku as the highly acclaimed and inventive pastry chef. 

I saw this ice cream trending not too long ago, many travel to New York City solely to experience this unique and coveted dessert. For me, one of two highlights of eating a bowl of Corn Flakes was the sweet flavoured milk at the end when all of the crunchy flakes are quickly devoured so as to not get soggy. The second is of course the crunch. 

I’m something of an ice cream addict. When I do, I love making from scratch, but hate the fickle tempering process with the egg yolks. So i’d much rather visit my favourite ice cream parlours in and around Cape Town for my frequent fix. I spotted the recipe on Food52 and made an exception to make this interesting recipe. With that last batch of ice cream and dignity down the drain from my previous failed attempt at ice cream and fierce bravery(fake or not) as I attempt this batch of ice cream. 

I am happy to report that yes, it does indeed taste of ice cream, not exactly soft serve, but it will do. I love how the taste of the cereal milk really shines through although it’s not overpowering. I love the velvety smooth texture. The specks of vanilla from the vanilla paste really does it for me. 

The photos were taken just before noon today, the weather is not exactly ideal for the natural light that I needed but again, with the use of reflector boards and white backgrounds I made it work somehow. 

Do you have any favourite foolproof ice cream recipes? Share them in the comments section. Sharing is indeed caring 🙂 

This post was collated whilst listening to the album X By Ed Sheeran.

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