Cranberry, Date and Macadamia granola bars.

Every week I mix up a batch of granola bars, every week a different recipe, each week a different taste and texture. I’ve never been happy with any recipe I’ve tried until I tried this one. Whilst looking for inspiration for my next post and researching recipes, I had the TV on the food network channel on a really soft yet audible tone. When I noticed Anna Olsen about to make her Granola bar recipe, I stopped searching and adjusted the volume with all eyes on the screen. Her recipe seems very easy and tasty and had me wondering what have I been doing all this time with all these disappointing granola bar recipes! Sunday, I schleped my partner along to a prop and background sourcing haul at the Milnerton Flea market. Feeling quite chuffed with all my treasures I couldn’t wait to play around and shoot something with them. I made the granola bars on less than a few hours sleep and much zeal after my haul. I couldn’t believe how easy and fuss free the recipe was, I toasted the oats and nuts along with a seed mix which consists of pumpkin, linseeds, sunflower and sesame seeds and added to all the ingredients along with the melted coconut oil and warmed honey pressed down firmly in a parchment fitted pan and baked for 15 minutes. Allow to cool completely in the pan before slicing. I cooled in the fridge to set further, to have a more firm and chewey texture you don’t have to do this(I just wanted to be sure that this time when I cut into the bars they won’t fall apart instantly). It was indeed love at first bite, I love the crunch and saltiness of the salted and roasted macadamia nuts and the tartness of the cranberries married with the sweetness of the dates.A match made in heaven. I love how I can control what goes into the bars, as opposed to the mysterious artificial ingredient packed store bought ones. I make these scrummy bars for my partner to take along to work as a midday ‘pick me up’ snack and the bars are great for kids to take along to school for a healthy energy boost. I decided to make a smoothie bowl as a great idea to use the granola bars as part of a full breakfast meal, the quick and easy on the go option might not be for all. I used my trusty NutriBullet to blitz up berries, frozen banana slices, coconut milk and water to thin it down. serve in a bowl or cup with the crushed granola bar pieces. 

As I type this blog post, my iPad is covered in sticky finger marks from all the constant munching on these glorious granola bars.

The photos were taken around noon and late afternoon as the sun decided to make a late appearance for the day. I love my new props and background and as you can tell I am still trying to find my own style of shooting and styling. This takes time and patience, I am not the most patient person but I am certainly learning to be…

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