Lobster roll with a Sriracha and Lobster mayonnaise.

Lobster roll with a Sriracha and Lobster mayonnaise.

As you might have noticed with recent posts I tend to lean more towards food that is associated with summer and festivity and what a more fitting day than with such gorgeous weather while on the brink of Spring in South Africa. 
Here in South Africa, we have rock lobster called Crayfish. For some time now the Crayfish population have been under immense pressure and extreme danger of extinction with many overfishing and exploiting the rock lobster. I love crayfish, my mom makes a mean crayfish curry and if had my way I would indulge frequently but I would much rather be responsible and try to save the population by not doing so. I see it as our duty to protect a species that is so loved and vulnerable.

The partially cooked crayfish was purchased at Woolworths fish counter and was imported. 

I poached the crayfish in an emulsion of butter, garlic and a squeeze of lime juice for 5 minutes on a medium heat. Keeping in mind the crayfish was already parboiled. I heated the buns in the oven and for the Sriracha lobster mayonnaise I prepared the mayonnaise, which is store bought normal mayonnaise mixed with Sriracha, lime juice, and the juice of the carcass of the rock lobster roasted in the oven to caramelize with olive oil to make a lobster oil, stir until combined. To assemble, cut the buns down the middle, slather with the flavoured mayonnaise, then place pieces of the avocado on each side along with the butter lettuce and top with the crayfish and mayonnaise and a squeeze of lime juice. Serve with a good icy cold craft beer. 

Lobster roll with Sriracha and Lobster mayonnaise.
The photos were taken around 13:00 on a perfect sunny Cape Town day. 

I used the newspaper in the background to create a little ambience for a pub crub seafood meal. I love how the cobalt blue of my board creates a perfect colour juxtaposition in my photos, especially for this shoot. 

This post was collated whilst listening to the soundtrack of Whiplash. My favourite song on the upbeat jazzy soundtrack is you guessed it, Whiplash. 

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