Unusual Suspects: Celery.

For as Long as I can recall has this tall green beauty been overlooked as just a snack for dieting fundies, a flavour packed punch for many a mirepoix or that dreadful ants on a log image that comes to mind. Celery is a vegetable that derives from the Apiaceae family. That being the same family as carrot, parsley and coriander. Prior to writing this post, I had no clue that there were so many health benefits attributed to Celery. Packed with Vitamins A, C, and K and also contains folate and potassium which is good for cardiovascular health. 

Today I decided to put this hardworking underdog on a much deserved pedestal. Instead of going the traditional inside the box route of just using celery for savoury dishes, I wanted its true beauty and potential to shine through in a dessert. This refreshing recipe is straight from Food52
Waste not want not tip: don’t throw away the sprouting inner little ribs of the celery, remove the core place in a glass jar with a little water, just covering the base of the core and leave to fully sprout for a week then transplant into potting soil, and just like that you’re growing your very own celery! Those lush green aromatic leaves are also perfect scattered over a simple salad to add texture and taste! 

The Granita recipe from Food52, is tweaked of course, I added fennel and Apple. I might have said this before, but I like using recipes only as a guide and adding my own unique twist to it. I think this is how one discovers what kind of cook you are. 
The photos were taken in the early morning, with some much needed sunshine. Nothing beats natural light, especially in the early morning. I find this is when I take most of my shots that I love. 

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