The Ultimate Toasted Sarnie.

This has to be my go to comfort food it’s quick, easy and oozing with melted goodness. I made three different toasted Sandwiches, a Nutella and Caramelized banana, an oozing egg and cheese toastie, and for the ultimate one a Gorgonzola and Caramelized pear with rocket. All of which were on freshly baked Brioche loaf. 

Picking a favourite, was a tough task, but somebody had to do it! For me, it’s the Gorgonzola and Caramelized pear with rocket. Simply because of the complimentary contrast in flavour of the earthy Gorgonzola together with the sweet Caramelized pear and peppery crunch of the rocket, for me is a match made in heaven. 

I toasted the brioche toasties in a non stick pan over high – medium heat, with lots of butter (please no margarine) butter is rather costly, but I prefer to splurge on one or two items a month, and this is it. The melted almost burnt butter imparts a nutty flavour and creamy warmth into the toasted sarnie. For the simple cheese toastie, I added more cheese on top of the bread to create a cheesey crust, this is the ultimate top tip for more crunchy goodness! I used Gorgonzola and a mild soft Mozzarella. Look for a mild flavoured cheese that can melt easily. I usually use a Gouda cheese. Also, grate the cheese finely to make the melting process and time that much quicker. 

Everyone has their own way of making toasties, which I think could be indicative of their personality, same could be said for style of cooking. 

A special mention to Ou Meul bakery at Willowbridge (Tygervalley) for especially baking a loaf of Brioche for me. Unfortunately they no longer bake them for their usual menu. If you can’t find any brioche loaves, a normal white loaf or brown, low Gi (if you will) works just as well. I used the brioche because of its sweet buttery soft texture and taste. For me, this is the ultimate and indulgent vehicle for a great toastie.  

“I don’t believe you can ever really cook unless you love eating” – Nigella Lawson. 

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