Prawn toast and Kimchi 

Prawn toast and kimchi 
Inspired by a tapas meal I had a while ago at a Japanese inspired restaurant, we had all ordered a variety of different dim sum, some fried and some steamed. There was one stand out fried dim sum, Prawn toast that was insanely good, till this day I remember how beautifully balanced in umami and how crispy crunchy the dim sum was. In a mission to find out how to recreate this bite sized treat at home, I found a recipe on Good Food Australia that’s incredibly simple and looks amazing too! 

Last week I made a batch of kimchi, recipe found on Woolworths Taste. This is by far some of the tastiest Kimchi I’ve had in a while and bonus for how quick and easy it is to make, here’s what you need: three hours of your life, cabbage, radish,fish sauce, salt, Sriracha, garlic,ginger, chillis, chili flakes, rice vinegar and sesame seeds, hmmm…leaving anything out?

What better way to put the kimchi I made to use than as a condiment for these scrumptious prawn toast treats. 

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