For most of my life I have had no idea where I was going or where my passion lies. As recent as 5 years ago, I fell in love with the Gastronomic arts. Yes! I believe it is just that, Art. I adore how beautifully vibrant in colour and taste an organic Blood Orange can be, or how crisp, fresh bread with melting  golden butter evokes a warm and comforting emotion and memory. Food has the ability to be centered around a reconciliation, a celebration or bring comfort to those in mourning or distress. No matter where we are in our lives, how busy we get, food always seems to be bringing people together. Food is about telling a story, creating or sharing a memory and breaking bread with those closest.

My earliest and most vivid food memory  from my childhood,  I remember impatiently sitting in the kitchen watching my mother prepare supper, filling the air with the rich scent of Tomato Bredie (still a favourite dish of mine) and the afternoon autumnal sun beaming into the kitchen, reliving this memory right now I feel the warmth on my skin and inhaling deeply the glorious smells emanating from that kitchen, a memory frozen in time. A dish so simple and not a very spectacular food memory, but a beautiful one. The significance of food, the fact that we are able to pour our hearts into creating simple or even extravagant dishes to show those we love most just how much we care, has to be one of many reasons why I love food so much.

I would love to know what’s your food memory (that is frozen in time)

Happy eating and sharing!

Dominique x


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